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We willingly understand your business, requirements and interests with the objective of providing services via a collaborative process which includes timely communication, agreed deliverables and a trustworthy certification.


Who We Are

CEYCERT (Private) Limited is an independent, third party certification body established to offer a range of certification services to entities worldwide to increase their competitive advantage in the global marketplace to boost efficiency, grow knowledge & skills and establish professional credibility.

We are one of the fastest growing certification body helping businesses assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains.

CEYCERT is a globally recognized accredited certification body to provide cost and time effective and rewarding services to our customers.

About Us
Reliable Services
We always ensure that CEYCERT serves its customers beyond their expected level of satisfaction by prioritizing the standard requirements to be fulfilled by a certification body and in the process of obtaining accreditation as per the requirements for certification bodies set by international standards.
Efficient And Cost Effective
We operate on a strategic direction of providing highly efficient services to our customers in a cost effective manner.
Accredited Certification Provider
We are accredited for both ISO/IEC 17021 & ISO/IEC 17065 with Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) which is a signatory of IAF-MLA. Therefore, certificates issued by CEYCERT are equally recognized.

Our Process

CEYCERT offers certification and training solutions to organizations regardless of their nature and size.

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