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    Section A - General Information

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    Section B

    1. Scope

    2. Personnel

    2.1. Number of personnel within the certification scope (Employees and Contract personnel)

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    Address of the Site(location)

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    Main Operations / Activities


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    3. Product/s / Service/s Information

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    4. IT Infrastructure

    5. Information Security

    6. Details of Certification

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    7. Documented Information

    Please submit copies of the following documents along with the filled Application

    • a. Organization Chart

    • b. ISMS Manual/Relevant System Documents

    • c. Information Security Risk Assessment

    • d. Internal audit records

    • e. Management Review Records

    8. Declaration by the Applicant

    1. I am/We are fully informed and agree with the contents of the terms and conditions of
      Ceycert (Private) Limited ;

    2. Should any initial enquiry be made by the Certifying Authority, I/We agree to extend to the
      Certifying Authority all required facilities at my/our command and I/We agree to pay all
      costs involved prior to the grant of the Certificate

    3. I/We will not hold liable either Ceycert (Private) Limited or those having a function in its
      activities for damages resulting from the consideration of the application for certification,
      including the possible rejection.